A S Engineering (UK) Ltd
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Mission Statement

At A S Engineering we are focused on maintaining high standards and exceptional quality with great customer support. Maintaining our ISO9001:2015 Certification ensures we can deliver your fully traceable parts needed to you on time.

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How we can help

We are a friendly bunch here that can more than likely help you with your project, whether its some milling or turning or even an assembly of various types of parts. With the aid of subcontractors we are able to offer laser profiling, folding, welding and anodising and types of steel plating like cad plating. So come and have a cup of tea and a chat about your work.


We have CNC Mill’s with up to 1200mm in travel and CNC Lathe’s, with the aid of CAD and CAM complex part’s can be machined very accurately, We have the first TRIMOS V7 1800 height gauge in the UK that can measure up to 2122mm in length, a shadow graph for part’s or details that can’t be measured by other means.

The industries we have done work for are - Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Simulators, Gauge making, Audio, Commercial, including personal and Commercial Tooling. We are actively looking to improve our costumer base in industry’s like Defence, Medical, local Government and others.